Explore Wyndham

Built in 1887, Wyndham arcade runs from St Mary Street to Mill Lane. Originally, the arcade played host to 35 shops and cellars. Now a bustling street of activity, the arcade houses a variety of eateries including Bills restaurant, Ask Italian, Waterloo Tea and Kiwi’s bar. As well as several independent eclectic shops and beauticians such as music store PMT and Cuban cigar shop Havana House.

12 unique stores

  • Antics
    11-13 Wyndham Arcade
  • Ask Italian
    24/32 Wyndham Arcade
  • Bang & Olufsen
    7-9 Wyndham Arcade
  • Bills
    27-39 Wyndham Arcade
  • Havana House
    12-14 Wyndham Arcade
  • Kiwis
    55 St Mary Street
  • Nailcraft Emporium
    19 Wyndham Arcade
  • PMT Cardiff Music Shop
    52-54 St Mary Street
  • Rebel Rebel
    20-22 Wyndham Arcade
  • Stitches
    15-17 Wyndham Arcade
  • Waterloo Tea
    21-25 Wyndham Arcade
  • Wyndham Cafeteria
    6-10 Wyndham Arcade

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