Cardiff leading the way in one of the tastiest top travel trends

Cardiff leading the way in one of the tastiest top travel trends

Food tourism is one of the tastiest top travel trends and a great way of supporting local communities and businesses.

Today’s travellers have already tried more flavours at home and are now seeking something new, authentic, social and sustainable.

“Culinary tourism is popular because it tastes good and feels good, not only in the moment but to the soul. Breaking bread and sharing a meal is a universal expression of hospitality and welcome across the world. To understand someone else’s customs is to start to understand their perspective”. INSIDEtravelLab.

Award-winning, Cardiff-based, Loving Welsh Food is the only company offering food tours in the capital city and is delighted to welcome 2 new venues on the 2022 menu – Tukka Tuk and Bird & Blend.

Owner/Founder Sian Roberts:

“The food landscape is constantly changing in Cardiff and it’s great to be working with new venues like Tukka Tuk and Bird & Blend. We only work with small businesses that guests can only visit when they come to Cardiff. It’s so good to see the number of independent restaurants, cafes, street food vendors on the increase as Wales slowly and surely finds its feet within the world travel and food scene.”

Tukka Tuk, the new venue featuring on the Cosmopolitan Cardiff Food Tour, is an Indian street food joint owned by Chef Anand George and entrepreneur Rupali Wagh. Anand is best known for his restaurant Purple Poppadom which serves high-end Indian cooking.

The Cosmopolitan Cardiff Food Tour guests will choose between the best-seller Kerala fried chicken: juicy pieces of meat coated in a crisp and light, spicy batter; or the melt in your mouth mutton rolls, served with a tangy garlic and chilli ketchup and a lightly pickled cabbage salad. A difficult but delicious choice!

“We love Cardiff Market and it’s a pleasure to be involved in the tour. Ours is a story that constantly unfolds as we explore new ingredients, tastes and flavours from South India. This combination of the traditional with the new, has always been at the heart of everything we do”. Joint Owner/Entrepreneur Rupali Wagh

The other new venue is Bird & Blend Tea, situated in the heart of Castle Arcade, leading the way in tea innovation in the UK. Guests on the Cardiff Tasting Tour discover the art of tea tasting while sipping the Signature Cardiff loose tea, the Welshcake Cwtch. One of the first venues to feature on the Loving Welsh Food tours, Fabulous Welshcakes provides the warm welshcakes to perfectly complement the tea.

“I’m chuffed to bits to be working with Loving Welsh Food. I can’t wait to talk tea and match matchas with both the visitors and Cardiffians on the tours”. Store Manager, Brett Stoyle.

The Cosmopolitan Cardiff Food Tour runs every Friday from March to November 2022 or guests can book a private tour (Wednesdays to Fridays).

The Cardiff Tasting Tour is currently available for private groups – Monday to Friday.

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