Jian Chen's FINE ART

Duke Street Arcade

Working from her store in Duke Street Arcade, it is hard to believe Jian Chen only started painting in 2012. After posting photos of her work online, she quickly gained a cult following, with people clamouring to buy her unique and vibrant artwork. She spotted the potential of the arcade space and knew it would be the perfect location for her store.

Jian specialises in water colours, with a small amount of work created in oils and acrylics, sometimes completing up to 5 new pieces in a week. As well as her original artworks, on display in her gallery on the basement level, she also prints her work onto everything from t-shirts and tote bags to keyrings and coasters.

For a new business, like Jian’s, the campaign has really helped to spread the word about her art, “The City of Arcades campaign has really exposed my artwork to a new and wider audience,” she says with glee, “I think it’s helped the arcades, showing people all the unique things, they can find if they just explore a little.”