Nailcraft Emporium

The remarkable Wyndham Arcade in Cardiff is a bustling street of activity with a host of eateries, cafes and of course – the famous beauty salon, Nailcraft emporium.

Nearly 30 years ago, Nailcraft Emporium opened its doors to the capital, providing luxury nail, foot and beauty treatments.

Having recently opened at their new premises earlier this year, Catherine Hann, owner of the salon said the independent only use the highest quality products.

She said: “You will always receive a warm welcome as our team genuinely love what they do. As you walk along the Wyndham Arcade, you will notice our statement floral heart in the window.

“The salon ambience then follows this feminine theme throughout. Floral statements, plush seating, a dressing room themed waiting room and hundreds of gel polishes to choose from.

“Wyndham Arcade is such a beautiful arcade and extremely well looked after by Rod, the arcade manager and his team. The staff are fantastic, so supportive and helpful.”

The business was forced to shut for a lengthy period due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but Catherine believes people have adopted a supportive attitude towards local businesses.

“Our Capital city centre is so precious to the Welsh in particular and our beautiful arcades bring people to Cardiff from all over the world with their independent and quirky businesses” said Catherine.

“The comradery between all of the businesses is wonderful as we are all in the same position running our independent businesses. I would say that we are all rather proud of our arcades.

“It means everything to us to be part of this campaign! Please come visit us, we know that you will love us all.”